Build software quickly with AutoIT

If you have an idea for some software and want to quickly build it without the hassle of full blown software development, then you should consider using the AutoIT framework.
As a commercial programmer, sometime I just want to create some software very quickly, and I have used AutoIT to just get the job done.

When you don’t want to worry about installers, making sure that users have the latest version of .NET on their systems, creating project solutions, etc.. you can quickly create an AutoIT script to surprisingly create some great software.
You can find out more about AutoIT here.

It’s a totally free scripting language that has great help documentation, and will run on pretty much any Windows environment.

You can create great GUI’s (graphical user interfaces) if you need to (hint: use Koda freeware to generate the code) .

Massive help forum available to help you pretty much do anything you want the software to do.

You do need to understand programming concepts, however if you have the patience to learn, you will be making great software in no time, and totally for free.

Examples of apps that I have coded with AutoIT are:

  • Backup utilities
  • Web 2.0 account creators
  • Report document generators
  • Database migration utilities
  • Data formatters

I really encourage both hard-core programmers and novices to look at AutoIT as a way to very quickly release software that would normally take much longer to produce.  Also very good for prototyping.

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