Daily Fresh Proxies Sites. How to Separate the Good From the Bad

Have you ever come across one of those sites that have daily lists of proxy IP addresses?

They have to have daily lists because free proxies tend to have a very limited shelf life, getting burned out very quickly.

If you’re looking for a quick way to check which proxies are still working before someone else gets them banned, then there are a few options available.

But first, let’s look at why you might need to use proxies.

There are basically 2 types of people that have a need for a constant supply of proxies.

The first are people that want to browse the Internet and not use their own ip address because maybe they are in a region that blocks access to certain sites, or they want to stop have their browsing behaviour tracked.

Another reason could be that sites may have banned their ip address due to someone else on their network contravening the site’s rules, and to get around this a new ip address is needed to access the site or use certain functionalities such as uploading videos.

This sort of proxy user only needs a few proxy ip addresses to put into their browser settings as long as they work well enough.

The other type of proxy user is an internet marketer. A lot of Internet marketers use software to automate their activities online, some in a whitehat way and others in a blackhat way.  Either way both of their activities include such things as creating accounts at web 2.0 sites, posting articles on blogs, commenting on blogs, researching niche markets and analysing web site competition.

Lots of software is available to do all these sorts of activities and more, and most of the good software requires a constant supply of fresh proxies to carry out their functions efficiently. If an internet marketer just copies daily fresh proxies off a forum and pastes them into their software, then the software may not run very well at all if some of those proxies don’t work anymore.

It’s a bit like putting gas in your car and not being sure if the gas station owner has mixed water with it – your car is going to cough and splutter and may even break down.

One solution is to increase the quality of your proxies by paying for exclusive private usage, and while this works it can become quite expensive [update: check below for a deal I now use].

The free way to filter out the good from the bad proxies is to get your hands on proxy checker software, using free proxies from proxy sites and not pay a monthly charge.

Some proxy checker software is free, some paid and some actually comes bundled with other types of software.

When you are looking to download a good proxy checker you need to make sure that it is fast enough to handle large volumes of proxies at a time – multi-threaded is best, with the ability to increase or decrease the number of worker threads being used depending on the speed of your computer.

Search Google for ‘powerful proxy checker’, or have a look at the proxy checker demo video.

[Update]: I personally use a paid service for proxies now which is extremely good value (I’m talking $10/month only) and small change to spend each month.

If you click this link and end up using them, I’ll send you a free copy of the proxy checker software that normally retails at $27.00, so you can quickly check your proxies.

Send an email to proxies[at]johnayling.com with your transaction detail.

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