When A Business Account On Facebook Is A Total Waste Of Time!

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OK, don’t shoot me down just yet!  This article is titled ‘When A business account on facebook is a Total Waste Of Time’ only because I want to highlight what business owners might be doing wrong when they set up a page for their business on facebook.

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I am not saying that facebook is a waste of time for business. On the contrary, it is the most amazing resource that meets the attention economy head-on with way more stickability than anything else seen on the internet period!

So how the heck can you put up a fan page for your business and get people to actually ‘like’ what you’re doing rather than blow you off as just another advertisement?

I’ll assume that you already have a fan page up for your business already.  If you need more info on the actual mechanics then check out facebook business accounts help.  There is also a really good business resource if you want to profit from facebook marketing in a big way, and who doesn’t ?

Potential Customers Hate Being ‘Sold’ But They Love To Buy

Welcome to social media.  If you stand on your soap box and shout about your products, you can be howled down in a social media environment as you are not part of the group. Or worse, you can be totally glossed over in a form of banner blindness.  You need to engage people in their conversations, create them, answer people, and generally be of help in solving their problems with your product.

Consider Using A Traffic Hub

Don’t throw out google with the bathwater, just because you’ve heard that there is more traffic on facebook now.  Get smart and you can funnel traffic from demographic based searches that your potential customers are doing to a blog with a simple like button on it that links back to your fan page.  Use ‘Add Like Box’ in the promote this page on your website options.

Link Your business account on facebook To Twitter Feed

There is also an option to link your fan page to twitter so that followers can see your updates.  If you’re going to make a noise then you might as well make sure you get maximum coverage for your efforts.

Get Initial Traffic By Outsourcing

There’s the whole chicken and egg thing going on when you start something new in a social media space.  People want to join others that are already popular, but how do you get popular if nobody will join you in the first place, because er.. noone else has?

You can actually give your business account at facebook a kickstart by visting a site called fiverr.com where people will do all sorts of things for 5 bucks.  Just type in facebook marketing and you will be able to get a lot of likes to your page to start the ball rolling with more targeted prospects.

Paid Traffic Methods

Now if you really want to pump some traffic then you can look at facebook paid advertising, but before you do this you should really get some specialized advice.  My first foray into facebook was to put up some ads and watch the money bleed away – not fun!

There is free facebook training on now at facebook.businesswithease.net – not sure how long they will be open for though.

So, hopefully that has sparked off a few more ideas for you to get your business account at facebook working hard for your business.  Let me know your thoughts, or any other suggestions you have.

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