So you want to build an iPhone or iPad app?

Every now and then I have clients asking me if I can build them an iPhone or iPad app, for some great idea they have, so I thought I’d better let people know the low-down on how to get one of these beasties made.

No Programming Required

I’m probably doing myself a major disservice here being a developer, but did you realise that you can get your app built without knowing anything about programming, at all?

If you can come up with an idea that people are willing to spend a few dollars on, then plugging that idea into a systemized process of building the app and then marketing it – the world is your oyster (as they say).

Got a freebie for you –>

You can download a free report about this sort of thing from

To your success.

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Mark says December 1, 2013

IMS Commerce question,

Very impressed with this mobile website making software. I am considering it for my business. However I have purchased a lot of WSO’s from the warrior forum and many of them sit on my computer as downloads for various reasons.

I need to ask you a few questions so that I am sure that this is what I really need for my business.
I want to create a mobile website that people who want to sell their house and buy a new house can register into. As they register their details on the mobile website, Their info will be automatically foward onto real estate agencies who will then contact these people directly. I want to be able to track how many of these leads are sent, so I can bill the realestate agents at the end of the month. Can the IMS software do this?

Your comments and thoughts please



John says February 25, 2014

@Mark – I know what you mean re WSO’s – seems to happen to a lot of people these days.
Glad you like the software.
You could create a mobile website with the software, and then add a ‘Contact Us’ page with the To: email address as the real-estate agent’s email in the Lead Capture tab of IMS Commerce.
To track the leads I would then setup an account at aweber, create a ‘list’ and then also add that list name to the Lead Capture tab in Site Details.
Each month you could see the leads that are sent by looking at your aweber account, and even better you could build up your own list for further marketing.

Hope that helps.

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