Where the money is in mobile marketing

Everyone knows that mobile devices have completely taken over as the prime computing device for individuals worldwide.

So how do you position yourself to take advantage of this?  Where’s the $$$ at?

I remember when the same sort of thing happened in the late 90’s.  yeah.. age can be handy at times 😉

The internet was soaring, and everyone was scrambling to try and understand what was going on.

Some of us decided to learn programming so we could sell web services.  Others decided to get into web marketing, sell server space, get into web graphic design, move financial systems online, and so on.

Now that mobile is here, probably best to be smarter this time around.

Building Mobile Websites and Selling Them is Hard Yakka!

You could just build mobile websites and then try and sell them to local businesses.

This is the typical strategy that I see now, and frankly is an ‘old-world’ strategy and you are in for a world of pain with the rest of the mob doing the same thing.

There is no point using old methods in a new market – I know because I have tried pushing many dinosaurs up the hill, and it’s far easier to try thinking outside the box a bit.

So what are the mobile marketing methods I’m talking about?

I’m no expert on mobile marketing.  I’ve built a damn good mobile website creator that my customer’s love, but I too have searched far and wide for mobile marketing strategies that are closer to the money than just retailing mobile sites.

I found a few courses that pretty much went over the same thing, such as continually telling me that there is an opportunity in mobile and then demonstrating how to tick ‘mobile’ in my google adwords account.  Sorry, but I’m over buying courses that demo ad-buying websites for me, and just repeat the same thing over and over again.

I recently found a video that maps out a very interesting strategy that is part of a course run by Dan Hollings.  Yes, the same guy that has done mega-million dollar campaigns for smash hit movies, authors, and businesses.

In 60 minutes, he lays out a “Groupon-like” strategy that set my mind tingling.  You can watch the video for free here.

I should mention that if you decide to join his program, please send me an email with your transaction details and I’ll send you a free copy of IMS Commerce Mobile Website Builder software, the full version that normally retails for $67!

I hope you enjoy the video like I did.

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