Open Your Mind and Watch the Feynman Lectures

Guess what!  There’s a world out there that has nothing to do with the current politics, inflation rates, GFC’s, carbon taxes, and what’s happening on the latest tv series.  It’s a universe that you and I are a part of and most people know absolutely nothing about.

The world is in a pretty sticky energy situation in that current technology affords us only 2 choices to follow. One is to continue using non-renewable resources as well as polluting the planet, and the other is stop and live as though we are back in the agricultural age.

Kind of reminds me of the sales approach of offering 2 choices, one being really expensive and the other seeming ok, relatively speaking.  Or a country only offering you 2 political parties and calling itself a democracy…. but I digress.

If you really want to a get a clue as to how this universe ticks, and hence actually help solve the current energy predicament, then I suggest you watch the lectures by Dr. Richard Feynman.


American physicist Richard Feynman

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These were given back in the days before I was born, in 1964, and were so good that BBC TV had the rights for years until Bill Gates from Microsoft bought them and has made them public for all to see.

Gates says that he wants to make it so any kid can click on them and learn a thing or two about physics.  My view is that these lectures are appropriate for someone that has finished matriculation (that’s college I think in the US education system) and is going on to a Bachelor degree.

They start off quite simply but then dive into some pretty advanced concepts that only Feynman manages to still make accessible to the physics newbie.

So do yourself a favour and watch the Feynman lectures.

If enough people get educated and focused on actually solving the energy problem rather than watching politicians argue with each other on tv, we will have a better chance of actually moving forward and progressing as a society.

It’s definitely food for thought.

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