Exciting New Product About To Launch!

Very excited about a new product I’m about to launch! I’m very sure that it will solve a big problem that a lot of facebook marketers are having, and that is.. converting Fanpage Likes into dollars ($$$$).

This is such a simple app, and that is it’s greatest strength.  Without saying too much, the app will move fans back under control of an email marketing list.

We all know that the ‘Money is In The List’ – and this is the greatest secret of super affiliates that can push a ‘send’ button and earn thousands in a single email blast.

Now fit this with the sheer massive numbers of people people professionally added to fanpages via traffic hubs and facebook paid advertising, and you have a pure money machine – if done professionally.

This sort of thing could be setup up by a facebook programmer and takes time and thus money – the new app I’m about to release means you can do it yourself within minutes, and it’s really, really user friendly – definately no expensive programmer required.

Got a lot of work to do before I release this but if you want to get advance notice of when this app is available, fill out the below form and I’ll put you on the list.  Oh, and before you ask, the price is going to be really cheap – want to make this affordable as possible.

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