Backup files on your VPS using SimpleFileBackup software

simple backup softwareDon’t kid yourself.  It will happen sometime, and all your best intentions will mean nothing.  Sure, it’s only data but it still hurts right?

I built SimpleFileBackup to auto backup files on my VPS.

I heard horror stories about how a VPS can suddenly restart or crash and all your data can be lost due to the virtualization software used to make a VPS.

First thing I did was search for something I could buy, as it is usually a much better use of my time to buy vs build.

Everything I found was just waaay too expensive.  I mean, who wants to spend big dollars on boring old backup utility software when I could buy some shiny new software like IMSCommerce to build mobile sites and sell – shameful plug :)

A  lot of the software I found was over $100 bucks, and the cheaper stuff looked like it had been built in 1983 by some big hairy dude with a soldering iron!

Thought about using Dropbox but this was a pain because I have files and folders all over the place on my VPS and don’t want to have to have multiple copies in a dropbox folder – seemed too painful to deal with.

So the brief was: I just wanted to be able to setup the files and folder once only to backup, push a button to make sure a scheduled task was created, push another button to create the firewall rules to transfer files by FTP, and be done with it.

If you host many websites like me you probably have masses of storage space on hostgator or other web hosts that you’re not using but paying for, so SimpleFileBackup can put backups on web hosts by FTP.

So every morning I now get an email that tells me if the backup worked or not, and I can get warm fuzzies that my files are safe.

Currently sells for $27, as one of the cheapest no fuss backup systems you can get.

Also works for your windows desktop, laptop, dedicated server… but you must have a place for it to FTP the files to, such as a web host (shared web host ok)

Edit: SFB has now been updated to backup files to external drives, Dropbox folders, network locations, as well as to web servers via FTP.

Also, the scheduling has been updated so that you can edit it to be weekly, change the backup time, and so on.

SFB is still as simple as :)


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