How to setup a membership site in 10 mins flat

Membership sites are an awesome way to create an ongoing source of income.

The biggest hurdles that most people, including me, have found though are:

  • Most of the WordPress plugins are really expensive
  • They have a steep learning curve with a lot of features that I would never use
  • They take over your site and you have to bend to it’s rules.
    Never good for “no respect for authority” me 😉
  • They were not really marketing focused.  I suppose they want to cater to all types of users.

I’ve bought quite a few and stuck with them as long as I could.

Wasn’t satisfied

…. so I built my own …

and then made it available as a product

….but affordable.

Video Demo

Here’s a 20 min long video out of the customer help area showing how to use WP Certify.

It’s a demo and covers:

  • Secure lead generation.
    Basically giving people who optin to a subscriber form limited access to part of a site.
  • Product sale, delivery and more access to the site as customers.

The process is to offer access to part of your site if they subscribe.


Offer more access if they become a customer.


Offer more access if they buy again …….. and so on.



Just updated the site, with the emphasis being that it is SIMPLE to use.


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