Paypal Actively Promoting Mobile eCommerce

Just about to delete an email from PayPal when I noticed that it’s title was ‘Make a Smart Move to Mobile’.

paypal mobile commerce

When heavyweight giants such as PayPal are promoting e-commerce directly from people’s phones, you would be crazy not to prick up your eyes ears and capitalize on this heading in to Christmas.

Here’s what they say.

In the ‘old’ days, you were met with a flurry of newspapers on your morning commute. These days, it’s a sea of mobiles and tablets blinking away as people make the most of their down time by connecting with friends, reading the news and increasingly, shopping online.

Mobile shopping is growing rapidly.Last Christmas, over 14% of visits to online retail sites in the US were made from a mobile device, up from 5% the year before. Morgan Stanley predicts the mobile phone will be the principle means of accessing the internet by 2014. So there is no doubt it’s time to focus on mobile.

When a user does make a purchase directly through their smartphone with PayPal they are no greeted with a mobile optimized checkout process.  This is now perfect to integrate with sites developed with IMS Commerce – Mobile Commerce Website Builder.

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