How to Get More Traffic Using Google +1

If you’ve read any of my other articles or watched some of my videos about website traffic strategies, you will realize that I really detest “advice” from so-called gurus, that is not backed up by sound empirical evidence.

Fortunately organized an experiment to see if using Google +1 had any effect on website rankings.

They found that there was a 20% increase in search rankings on all three of their websites, which increased their traffic.

So we are dealing with some real hard-core results here that you can take advantage of.

How to Install Google +1 on Your Site

You will need to create a Google account if you don’t already have one.

Grab the code for a +1 button from this url

Google developers have gone overboard with a fully developed API that would make programmers start to dribble, but as marketers this is not really relevant to us.  The main point is to install the button on your page and focus on people actually using it.

How to Get More Traffic

There are 2 ways that immediately come to mind to improve website traffic with Google +1.

1. Improved search engine ranking

The more +1’s your web pages receive the higher it should be placed on Google’s search results.

You can really notice this effect between Google+ social connections.  If one or some of your Google social connections have +1’d a page and you search for keywords relevant to that page, the +1’d page will appear higher on your search results.

The number of +1’s is shown and sometimes the actual names of people in your network who have voted for the site – really increases the visibility of the site.

2. Increase site traffic through Google social connections

Google +1 works the best with large Google social connections in the search results, but also websites that are +1’d are streamed in real-time on Google profiles within your network.

Urge or bribe your connections to +1 your content so that your page will appear on their streams and spread the word.

Now if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then there has got to be scripts or plugins out there that lock content until a reader clicks someone’s Google Plus.  I found a wordpress plugin called PlusLocker on the Warrior Forum – link coming soon.

 How Does +1 Compare With Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets?

There is no evidence to suggest that Facebook likes or twitter tweets has any effect on site rankings!

This is not to say that you shouldn’t do it as part of a social traffic plan, but don’t kid yourself that the Google Overseer can see all.

What Google can see though are their own +1 updates data, as well as traffic from their other properties such as YouTube.

I like to implement what has a high likelihood of actually working rather than just rely on guru trust – how about you?


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