Affili@SYD 2011 – What You Missed Out On By Not Going

Last week I went to the 2011 Affili@Syd affiliate conference in Sydney, Australia which was a real eye-opener for me, mainly as to the current state of affiliate marketing in Australia.

There were some really top notch speakers there that made it worthwhile giving up a day of riveting coding 🙂

Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton was the keynote speaker and gave us a heap of info on conversion strategies.  It’s the kind of stuff that you think you know but are not implementing it yet – so for me Susan made things more simpler and able to be systemised.

She has a site that has a host of info called, so you definitely want to check out that (hoping this is ok Susan?).


The 2 best take-away lines I got from Susan were:

  1. Internet marketers need to join in with the conversation a person is having with him or herself. You can’t just shout at people and tell them to buy your stuff.  You have to get involved with what they are thinking.
  2. Persuasion is a sequence of emotions. This was very enlightening for me especially when you combine this understanding with running people through up and down emotions as you tell a story to the reader.
Dave Cupples

Dave Cupples

Dave Cupples really took me by surprise.  This guy is an amazing success story (started first business at the age of 4!) and a real dynamo.  It’s really great to see guys like this ripping apart the market and going full steam ahead.

Dave had just spoken at a European affiliate marketing conference and was on fire.  His forte is social media marketing and and I wrote pages of notes.  Facebook marketing has been a bit of a mystery to me since I put up some ads a while back that were immediately rejected – but Dave has a great twist on this.



Best take-aways from Dave:

  1. Give value first and build desire before you pitch, and
  2. Cleavage! You’ll need to talk to Dave about this one 😉

Daves site is at  Download his facebook marketing pdf.  This has some really good stuff where he walks his talk.

As to the state of affiliate marketing in Australia.  Let’s just say that there is a huge amount of potential, and my thoughts are that some trailblazing is required to help more e-tailers to take notice of how powerful performance based marketing can really be for them.

I’ll leave some of the other topics covered at the seminar for the some future posts. Highlight topics were the Group Buying boom, tried and true email database marketing, and more about facebook marketing.

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