What To Do When A Programmer Comes Back 15 Months Later And Says We Need 4 Times That Amount To Finish?

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I just made a post on a LinkedIn Group that answered a question that happens a lot to business startups, entrepreneurs, and anyone else trying to get a project off the ground with a programmer.

Even working as a sole developer I have found that using a SCRUM based Agile approach with the client solves a lot of the traditional problems of cost overruns and delays.

Daily contact, high visibility, and communication of possible impediments to the time line is now crucial to get a proper Rapid Application Development (RAD) cycle.


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SCRUM is the process now that most high profile commercial web systems use because it alleviates the traditional problems of blowing budgets and a constantly moving deadline.

Simply giving a spec to a developer to go away and come back with the finished product is fraught with danger.

If you hire people that know what they are doing but charge a little more, you will save money, and in the short run too if they use SCRUM.

I use Axosoft OnTime to manage projects with SCRUM methods.  You can find out more information from here.

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