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Mass updating wordpress posts with a Songkick artist ID

I recently had the task of updating a wordpress site to show the latest tour dates for artists on http://feelthebeatz.com. The site had over 100 posts on different DJs so I needed an automated way of showing updated tour dates as a widget in the right hand column. Songkick has an API that provides tour […]

Build software quickly with AutoIT

If you have an idea for some software and want to quickly build it without the hassle of full blown software development, then you should consider using the AutoIT framework. As a commercial programmer, sometime I just want to create some software very quickly, and I have used AutoIT to just get the job done. […]

Business Domain Driven Architecture

I wanted to write a short article on why it is so important to approach the development of an enterprise system using proper domain driven architectural principles.  The reason why is because there seems to be a lot of existing systems that have not been architected with the needs of a business in mind, or […]

Debugging jQuery Code

I use jQuery quite a lot now and have found that it helps enormously to know how to properly debug it without resorting to javascript alert boxes. Firefox is my weapon of choice and still seems to be way easier to control than IE developer tools or even Chrome (yet!). jQuery – Unobtrusive Code A […]