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Where the money is in mobile marketing

Everyone knows that mobile devices have completely taken over as the prime computing device for individuals worldwide. So how do you position yourself to take advantage of this?  Where’s the $$$ at? I remember when the same sort of thing happened in the late 90’s.  yeah.. age can be handy at times 😉 The internet […]

Mobile eCommerce Website Layout

A mobile commerce website is a more complex system than a standard ‘business card/brochure site’ – and incidently, is worth more $$. Here is a video explaining a typical layout, and how IMS Commerce does all of the complex stuff for you. Download FreeMind for free from Download.com Download the mind map used in the […]

Free Mobile Site Builder Software – Getting Started With IMS Commerce

Here’s a short intro to get you started using IMS Commerce – Free Version. If you don’t already have it you can download for free from http://imscommerce.com/free-software.htm