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Are Bad Proxies From Free Proxy Sites Really Stealing From You?

If you’re wasting time feeding bad proxies into your expensive internet marketing software, then Yes you are losing money you could have gained from that software marketing your products effectively. That’s Great John, But What’s a Proxy Got To Do With Internet Marketing Software? Sorry – should back up a bit – surely I’m not […]

So you want to build an iPhone or iPad app?

Every now and then I have clients asking me if I can build them an iPhone or iPad app, for some great idea they have, so I thought I’d better let people know the low-down on how to get one of these beasties made. No Programming Required I’m probably doing myself a major disservice here […]

Protected: CI Protocol Finder

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

How to Create Space in Your Head

Background It can be hard sometimes to think straight when your mind is seemingly having a conversation with itself.  It’s very easy to get drawn into the ‘conversation’ as if it is about real things, when it is invariably about something that has happened in the past or something that may happen in the future. […]

Mobile Phone Market Share – Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Sales Funnel Right Now!

I run paid web traffic to my various internet properties, mainly because I hate being at the mercy of search engines and their goofy algorithm updates.  As this is not “free” organic traffic, you can imagine that I keep a close eye on it, and I’ve noticed a very interesting thing that you’d be crazy […]

Open Your Mind and Watch the Feynman Lectures

Guess what!  There’s a world out there that has nothing to do with the current politics, inflation rates, GFC’s, carbon taxes, and what’s happening on the latest tv series.  It’s a universe that you and I are a part of and most people know absolutely nothing about. The world is in a pretty sticky energy […]

Business Domain Driven Architecture

I wanted to write a short article on why it is so important to approach the development of an enterprise system using proper domain driven architectural principles.  The reason why is because there seems to be a lot of existing systems that have not been architected with the needs of a business in mind, or […]

What To Do When A Programmer Comes Back 15 Months Later And Says We Need 4 Times That Amount To Finish?

I just made a post on a LinkedIn Group that answered a question that happens a lot to business startups, entrepreneurs, and anyone else trying to get a project off the ground with a programmer. Even working as a sole developer I have found that using a SCRUM based Agile approach with the client solves […]

Exciting New Product About To Launch!

Very excited about a new product I’m about to launch! I’m very sure that it will solve a big problem that a lot of facebook marketers are having, and that is.. converting Fanpage Likes into dollars ($$$$). This is such a simple app, and that is it’s greatest strength.  Without saying too much, the app […]