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How easy is it to make money matching buyers and sellers online?

Imagine if you could find potential buyers online for a specific service, and you could find sellers wanting to sell the same service but at a significantly lower price.  hmmm…..$   If you matched up the buyer with the seller, you could stand in between the transaction and collect yourself a profit.   This is a […]

Where the money is in mobile marketing

Everyone knows that mobile devices have completely taken over as the prime computing device for individuals worldwide. So how do you position yourself to take advantage of this?  Where’s the $$$ at? I remember when the same sort of thing happened in the late 90’s.  yeah.. age can be handy at times 😉 The internet […]

Licensing and selling a commercial wordpress plugin

This article is really for: WordPress theme and/or plugin developers, or Marketers that outsource theme/plugin development, or PHP programmers, or Programmers that can pretty much code in any language. If you don’t fit any of the above, you can stop reading now as you’re not really in a position to profit by licensing and selling […]

Daily Fresh Proxies Sites. How to Separate the Good From the Bad

Have you ever come across one of those sites that have daily lists of proxy IP addresses? They have to have daily lists because free proxies tend to have a very limited shelf life, getting burned out very quickly. If you’re looking for a quick way to check which proxies are still working before someone […]

Mass updating wordpress posts with a Songkick artist ID

I recently had the task of updating a wordpress site to show the latest tour dates for artists on http://feelthebeatz.com. The site had over 100 posts on different DJs so I needed an automated way of showing updated tour dates as a widget in the right hand column. Songkick has an API that provides tour […]

Network Nazis Strike Again!

A lot of us have had our share of IT Support experiences, I know I have – deep breaths required 😉 I saw this skit on an ABC comedy program in Australia which really cracked me up. Enjoy!

Mark Samms Interviews Yours Truly

Just recorded an interview with Mark Samms from IncomeSociety.com. Mark covers a lot of areas re my business journey, programming,  internet marketing, personal development – have a listen when you have a spare 40 minutes – you should be able to get something out of it for your own journey. Cheers, John

You can succeed if you…

Sometimes things can get rough, with what feels like life throwing you curve ball after curve ball. If you’re ever feeling like this, check out this quote which can help you rise above the crap. “PLAN while others are playing. STUDY while others are sleeping. DECIDE while others are delaying. PREPARE while others are daydreaming. […]

Backup files on your VPS using SimpleFileBackup software

Don’t kid yourself.  It will happen sometime, and all your best intentions will mean nothing.  Sure, it’s only data but it still hurts right? I built SimpleFileBackup to auto backup files on my VPS. I heard horror stories about how a VPS can suddenly restart or crash and all your data can be lost due […]

Build software quickly with AutoIT

If you have an idea for some software and want to quickly build it without the hassle of full blown software development, then you should consider using the AutoIT framework. As a commercial programmer, sometime I just want to create some software very quickly, and I have used AutoIT to just get the job done. […]